Business Incubation

Business Incubation at Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre provides SMEs and start-ups with the nurturing environment needed to develop and grow their businesses. The centre offers everything from virtual support, rent-a-desk, invaluable mentoring, assistance with grant applications and of course affordable office rental space.

Intensive business support

We provide direct access to hands on intensive business support, access to finance experts and to other entrepreneurs. At Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre our tenants have found that some of the more important contacts they have made are other tenants.

There is an entrepreneurial energy in the centre and a certain amount of collaboration exists between different tenants especially where one company compliments the other.

The difference between Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre and other enterprise rental units are the services we offer to our tenants. Not only do we rent affordable office space but our tenants become part of a structure that supports and promotes your business. The environment of the centre and facilities are created to help businesses and promote a professional image to their clients.

Business incubation provides a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment for entrepreneurs during the critical stages of starting up a new business. The goal of incubators is to increase the chance that a start-up will succeed, and reducing both the time and cost of establishing and growing its business.

Incubators serve as a launching pad for new and small businesses.

Start-ups need access to support, and incubators are a means of providing this.