Corporate Social Responsibility

The Enniscorthy Enterprise & Technology Centre is a non-profit organisation committed to helping the Enniscorthy District Community.

Our core objectives are to support local start-ups, established businesses and individuals.

We achieve these objectives by providing a sheltered environment and incubation space for vulnerable start-ups to develop their businesses. We offer affordable office space in order to give new and established businesses the best opportunity to reach their potential. We also provide training, support and work placements for individuals to become employment ready.

As well as carrying out our core objectives, we at the EETC are committed to taking steps towards becoming more sustainable in our business practices. In this way, we would like to set an example for other businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.

We have developed our own 3 pillars of sustainable development which we strive to achieve:

  1. Positive local economic outcomes
  2. Positive social outcomes
  3. Positive environmental outcomes

Positive local economic outcomes

We believe that by providing incubation space for start-ups, affordable workspaces for businesses and training programmes for individuals we can encourage positive local economic outcomes.

In this way, the local economy will have a strong economic asset base which will assist businesses and individuals to reach their potential. Our incubation space will encourage diverse and responsible businesses in the local community leading to positive consequences for the local economy with higher employment opportunities located in Enniscorthy.

Positive social outcomes

We believe that we can support our society by providing a supportive and enabling environment for start-ups and individuals to develop their skills, test their ideas and reach their potential. Through this, we believe that we can foster local activism, participation and capability in people of Enniscorthy.

Positive environmental outcomes

The EETC is committed to improving our sustainability, for example, we have built a community garden and upgraded the facility’s lighting to more efficient systems. We believe that by making small changes to support sustainability we can work towards becoming an example for our tenants and local business as to how they can become more sustainable and encourage long-term improvement for the environment.