Statics on the good work of Enterprise Centres


The success of Enterprise Centre’s was shown in the survey carried out by NACEC together with Enterprise Ireland. In summary terms, this survey showed that Enterprise Centre’s:

  • Are accommodating over 4,600 jobs in approx. 120 locations across the country.
  • Have facilitated the creation of 9,300 jobs in the 10 years to 2013.
  • Have helped the creation of almost 400 businesses since 2010 in recessionary times.
  • They operating in the more challenged local economies as regards job creation.
  • Are successfully helping to disperse jobs throughout the regions.
  • Businesses that succeed in Enterprise Centre’s may not have succeeded on their own.

Over 200 jobs have been created directly through the tenants of Enniscorthy Enterprise & Technology Centre. Sonru, Taoglas, Chevron Training and 2Cubed are amongst the successful start-ups that began in the centre and they have now progressed to moving into their own premises.